Episode 10

I'm Only A Social Drinker

Debbie claims she is only a social drinker, then again....

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I'm Only A Social Drinker


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Debbie Nigro, Charlie Ponger

charlie ponger:

Hey everyone, welcome to the official teenagers Seenagers I'm Charlie Ponger.

Debbie Nigro:

Debbie Nigro. Yes, but you. You came into the house today, right? I came right in there. I got this thing I got a new look down in your hand and you're like, where is where is it? So all of a sudden you went running back up the hill to the top of the drive when you came back down with this chicken parm over Illini mod on me love tell you. We talked about food is love amongst ourselves. Right? Beautiful woman a nice gift. Thank you. How about that? I took it out had it in my hand. Yes. All the hair thought I still had in my hand and look down. It wasn't in my hand. I mean, we're at a certain place in time. I gotta tell you.

charlie ponger:

That's right up there with I'm not going to drink anymore. Yeah, I'm not going to drink anymore.


And I made a decision consciously in the car pulling up because we have shots when we start the show to get in the festive mood that we're usually in one shot. I said today, I don't need to drink. I'm gonna drink my electrolyte water. I'm bringing my water in and walk in jolly goes, here's a shot to go. Okay. I just said it wasn't times. How many times in your life? Have you said, I'm not drinking? Well, more times. And I'd like to say that I don't hold to it. Yeah. What is it that I can't listen to my well, you, me and everyone else listening to it with dry January? What a nice concept. Because people take a chance to flush out their bodies, that you'll give your liver a break. Give everything a break. I thought okay, I'll can do dry, dry January. Did you know they offered up a secondary opportunity. What was damp? January? What's that? What's damp January? It's not quite dry. It's dead. So like you're not fully committed. You're not fully not committed. I see. I thought I liked damp January. So I decided that day, I'm gonna go damp. And that was maybe the second or third of January and I went out and had a drink. And I was like, well, when does damp stop? When does dam come a tsunami?

harlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro:

And I realized that my self control could use something. Yeah, what like what? Well, I don't I'm not a drinker. If you if you my whole life. I'm a social drinker. Do you drink at home? I do. But not on a regular basis when I'm in the mood sometimes glass of wine with dinner sometimes a little with or with your boyfriend Dave? Yeah, right. Yeah. What if you're by yourself? Sometimes a glass of

Charlie & Debbie:

bourbon before I go to bed, I enjoy my mood, the day my ad and whatever. But it's never predictable. And then I have a whole bar full of liquor. And it's all sitting there. I mean, obviously you can see I'm not really sure bring some over here. Okay. You know, I don't I obviously I live by myself, right? Yes. I don't drink by myself. Unless I have a beer. If I'm working in the yard in the summertime, and it's really hot. Oh, like have a beer. But that's about it. I don't really, if no one's here. I'm not drinking. Do you think my definition of social drinking has changed? If I'm being social with myself? Yeah, sure. Sounds like Hey, I just like me. And my company. Any I feel it's something going on. So are you like the typical woman that wants to have that glass of wine at the end of the day? Five o'clock somewhere? No guarantee how it's gonna go. Oh, and but I find that you're unpredictable. I'm unpredictable. But I do find that as much as I don't want to drink. Yeah, as much as I probably am. It because whenever I'm social, somebody is across from me with a cocktail. Would you like when I go? Nah, no, thank you. Okay. Yeah. Well, you know what, I'm got a cocktail. I went out and we had too many drinks one night not too long ago. And I got up the next day and said, Why am way too old to be feeling like what is this? It's not even a hangover was a hangover over over over. It's a destruction of your body. It's in your brains, like really bad to recover is not happening and it leads to days. And it's not cool. So I am shocked that I didn't learn my lesson. And continue to think that my body is the same as it was in the olden days. My friend Quinn, she calls me jazzy baby. Sometimes we go out and I say to her a goofy way of saying that short cart. Charlie, you're like so excited. She calls you. She's done it since we were like 14 years old. shazzy baby. Yeah. So I'll say I'm not drinking tonight. And she burst. She has this crazy life right on the phone. And I'm like, get there and I'm not drinking and then all of a sudden, somebody's ordered a margarita. All right, I'll have a margarita. And before you know it, I've had three or four margaritas. And she said to me, you know Chazz? You really need to, like in between have a glass of water before. It's like I put the water in between you Joe. Yeah, I got the water now gone. I forget every time. Yeah, but you gotta remember.

charlie ponger:

And so and my friend John. Every for lunch every year. He's very Catholic. He will give, he's not going to drink and he is Irish. And he's got Like a hollow Leg, this guy Lent is a really big time that people give up liquor. January is a time people give up liquor diets. People go, Oh, I'm not drinking. Yeah, I can't drink on this diet. Or they'll look for a diet where they can drink and give up every other item like okay, screw the oatmeal, screw the berries. I'm having my points in wine, you know.


And then there's the getting ready for an occasion like you're, you're gonna go on vacation. You're like, I'm not drinking till I get to Cabo. I'm not going to do this until you know someone told you to marry this. Give yourself a little goalposts. Oh, goals to reach that you're not going to drink and chill, right? Yeah. So it's good, though. I had a very interesting business for him. And every time we go out, I'm always cautious about drinking during a business. Lunch. Oh, no, Wesley am No, right. Yeah. However, if the person who's invited you says, Come on, join me for a glass of wine. Typically you go. All right. I don't usually drink during the day. But it's two o'clock. What the heck. So this person, last few times for business, we do regular business is not ordering. And so I watch him and I go, No, I'll just have water. Yeah, I'll just have water. I'll just have water. And then all of a sudden, we're at this Italian lunch. And we're third party and it's like the best lunch you would have red wine with and I said, You're not having any wine. He goes. Not until and he looked at his. He goes tomorrow at three o'clock. I go What's tomorrow? He goes the end of dry January. So I go. Oh, I thought you like converted Lee completely. You just played this month that she was very to the point and people get really serious about holding their ground. Yeah, I just wish I was one of those people. So I have a lot of friends that don't do that.

Debbie Charlie:

What's your opinion on on the Bloody Mary after uh, after you'd feel like disgusting and you had too much. They go, Oh, I have. I have a couple of friends that do that. And they say, I don't know, something of the dog or whatever the dog hair or the dog i That doesn't none of that stuff works for me. I have to drink a ton of water and sleep and eat and you end up eating the greasiest greasiest bacon and eggs with cheese and butter on your toast and coffee and butter on your toes.

charlie ponger:

Put it into there and it's just like, it's just like, You got to try to absorb that alcohol, I guess. And the, you know, the thing is, is like two drinks now was like the equivalent back then when we were younger, of maybe eight drinks, right? You know, I get hung over on two drinks. Oh, yeah. I can only choose by real limit. Choose your limit. Yeah, choose my limit to anything that, you know, you're in trouble the next

Charlie & Debbie:

thing, nothing good. And you know, goodness, and you know, you're probably a happy drunk, right? You know, I had a lot of fun. And you know, it's nine o'clock in the bells ringing and you gotta get home. Right? Because you're gonna say, you know, it's something something the bells ringing Happy Hour is going to be over here. But in order another one. That's a big teenager. My buddy John is like that. Two more because things closes in four minutes. Yeah. Like, hurry up order tomorrow. Everybody does that. Waitress looking at her? Like, come on. Come on. Come on one minute, you know. Yeah. So yes. Yes, I'm very happy. We do. I want to say though, when Dave and I go out, yeah. One of us is the designated driver. Oh, that's great. Look, you can't in this day and age. It's totally irresponsible. So one of us decides. It's always a little amusing to me when I'm the designated driver, which is more often than not Yeah, because he's Iris. He's Irish. And he's also gets up very early and I get like to give him a break when we get a chance to relax. And that ride home when we went one too many places when I'm straight and he's in the car. Yeah. Irish after like 15 stops.

charlie ponger:

I only going on Wow.


Was it again? Oh, wow.


No, I'm thinking, Oh, this conversation. I'm like, wow. It's great. He's very festive, though. But more just watching him fall asleep on the couch with the scarf around his neck and the whole thing when we walk in, I'm like, okay, good. Bye. See, here's the covers. Anyway, real life. Yeah, real fun dancing in between the raindrops always get a chance to, you know, try and have a few laughs Yeah, I really respect and admire all the people who've chosen sober living and chose to drink no non alcoholic and I never ever pressure anybody to want to have alcohol. I always work out. Or if I'm people in my home, I'm always making sure there's enough that you know, this is not an issue where you don't fit in if you don't drink so it's a personal choice. There you go. Really personal choice. So okay, all right. Here's to everybody who says I'm not drinking I wasn't gonna drink again. Until next time, right? Yeah, see you later. Bye.


Well, in a day, you had enough to make the devil curse. I walked into a bar so thirsty I was spitting death.


Marquis Bazmee woodland B as it went to get he said, well let's see we got our BBR rollin rock shatter Bachman


was happened Madison's Egan Mark Keystone Coors Coors McGahn red stripe amsteel Amsterdam in the towel Dan Miller died in his by the pint glass Doppelbock lager take as well because it's going fast oatmeal stout a lot of lining Google's open up you all at no time


fear on the man


man and pass it around 90 bottles of beer on the


wall Now needless to say I was pretty impressed as he handed me a nice cold beer from a chest said Not bad for a hole in the wall. Bar key grin sit at eight now we have three a Grand River Rock to cut to with the twist stop go sparrows go sickies foster if you're Aussie but that in the news ain Williams Kuzey it doesn't wheat beers on tap if it's used again and again Killians bad some bags as coke aroma with the lambs in the next Yingling Jalen widow Milwaukee's best Sam Adams a man and even half


beer on Annie




pass it around and is even bad as


well wow, I settled down with my favorite. I ordered me another before I knew it was 2am and I was under a table being choked by a dude it smelled like a stable and finally I was able to throw him through the screen though. Because my hat off the hardwood floor. You don't Mac did barkeeps doubter news bulletin Bob dot bomb the jukebox danza nonstop man sipping on a beer that we were drinking in laggy was water. They were cowgirls everywhere we're in the air pretty here down to the dairy here and there were


beer on GMO


down and pass it around. bottles of beer on the wall. one more bottle of beer




we raised high and drained in drying


and there were no more bottles of beer


so we started on the Clairvaux Bacardi Gold margaritas drink tequila Jim Beam George Jacob in we were there with the with the single moms Scott's been snaps in jail. Captain Morgan polar Samoa them sadder sliders fly in taggers Dr. Pepper bowls, the designated drivers be even clearer absolute and Amarin don't remember most


of those nine bottles of beer. Wow


very nice and finer than an ash shatter in 99 bottles of beer

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