Episode 11

Are You a Hustler?

The Official Seenagers.

Luz Michelle opens this episode and talks about that she has been hustling since she was a kid. Debbie won't let Charlie get a word in edgewise. Charlie describes what "A Can of Corn" really means.

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Are You a Hustler?



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Luz Michelle


Hey everyone, welcome to the official teenagers. I'm Luz Michelle trying to be somebody.


I'm Debbie Nigro. And who are you? I can't take right now on me. You can say the other person


can do Hi,


I'm Charlie ponger There you go. God knows. Anyway guys lose out a great topic that we were discussing. I had lose. What do you want to talk about today?

Luz Michelle:

Talking about the hustle, the hustle at any age.


Such a great topic. A great Tyree the

Luz Michelle:

Born Winnick? Well, that's my question. It's like, Are you born with hustle or does hustle develop as the years go on?


Well, what about you? How were you like when you were a little kid? Hustle? You hustle

Luz Michelle:

was all about hustle. What did you do? I my first hustle was crayons.


What do you mean? What do you do?

Luz Michelle:

I would guess I would change the name of the crayon. We little paper and then I would sell them


wait. Change. They'll buy? They'll buy and wait, what do you mean change the name?

Luz Michelle:

Like say it said, you know, on it. Yeah, but the color was just red Ray. Like I was like firetruck red. It's a new red. Rather than read. Like, my kindergarten Oh, that's


selling these to the kids. And they would buy them.

Luz Michelle:

And they would buy them because kids would have changed on them right now. in their pockets. But yeah, it was always a hustle. Not so much a lemonade stand. You know, like I would sell mud pies, you know, mud pie? Because an adult will buy that from a kid. Yeah.


Oh, that's so darn funny. Oh


my god,


I love kids who hustle. I've stopped at a million lemonade. I'll never pay kids selling lemonade back up and give the kid the money into you drink the lemonade, even if


it's a rich kids house. Yeah, yeah. As you honor them for that.


You just said something before, which is, you know, you said is it come naturally, or you know, are some people born with this, I think where you're born into determines your level of hustle. Like if you're born into privilege where nobody has to hustle. Because everything is done for you, you're probably not going to be as motivated, generally speaking, and somebody who aspires to get something that family can't afford, or you'll come from a working family where you want to be just like your mom, your dad, you want to go to work like them. I think that you know, it matters, but also at different times of life. And we'll talk to this, people need to hustle, because they need to hustle. As seniors YOU NEED TO HUSTLE. What's going on right now is frightening, in that 60 plus percent of people over 60 in this country are living paycheck to paycheck and hustling and working and we're gonna be people in their 60s 70s 80s You're gonna be working way longer than past generations. You know, it's okay. Because as long as people have purpose, they don't mind working. But when people get you know, when they're not feeling good, and they have to work, that's tough stuff. But if you're in you, you can you can dredge it up. People


need to look forward to something right. Yes. You down to mindset that one time and I was like, wow, that's he's right. Yeah. The childhood. Yeah.


The childhood hustle. I loved working man. I couldn't wait to go to work. But my dad had a construction company. And it was not typical that a little girl wanted to go to work in a construction company. I couldn't get enough of it really want to work every day. I'm like, oh, after school in the summer, kids are going to the beach. I'm in the office at Niagara brothers. Niagara brothers. A little kid who's calling please. Yeah, it was good. After a year when I was a


paperboy. I had a lemonade stand. I shoveled snow. Yeah, the snow shoveling sort of stuff. I didn't really make any money doing any of them. But I tried it right. I hustle. But he got a little discouraged. And then my buddies, the guys I grew up with. Always hustled, yeah, Mikey peppers.


He's hustling. He was working


at his parents restaurant when he was like eight years old. Sometimes a


family business is such that everybody has to contribute. Yeah, there's so many kids who are working to help their families survive around the world and breaks my heart when I see some of these kids who are hustling, because there's no choice. But you have a choice, and you have to hustle. Then you should hustle to do something you always wanted to do. You are reinventing themselves all the time. Who's your


hustle now?

Luz Michelle:

Oh, yeah. Since honestly, for a good minute. Yeah. I've been hustling for good minute or good, man. I


love that line. Yeah, and you're good at it. Yeah.

Luz Michelle:

It doesn't ever feel like enough now.


Like, I feel like when, when you're hustling, you're always hustling. So let's say if I'm selling tickets for a show, right? Let's say I hit a certain number. To me. It's like, that's great. But it has to happen again. Yeah, yeah. You know, like thinking next. And that's what I've always been like that I've always been. What's next? What's next? This was great. We did it. But what's next because that's how it continues to grow. So you're not always constantly hustling, right?


How you don't hustles you have passive income. Otherwise you're hustling? Yeah,


but you can Have both right. There's that old saying, the more you do, the more you do, the less you do, the less you

Luz Michelle:

do, the less you have, I would think, well,


it's about doing it. And then if you for me, if you're chasing the money, that's the wrong way to go. Absolutely. Right. If you're chasing what your passion is, then the trick is the money will end up following you. And you want the money. Do you guys

Luz Michelle:

see it? Do you guys see?


Ultimately, it will happen?


Yeah, but sometimes industry has changed. We've just seen a really big change in a lot of people's lives during after COVID things that were in flow and flow anymore, and he had to reinvent and hunting to find new ways to hustle. Yeah. So a lot of people's passions had to be put on the side while they fulfill the what they got to do. We all have to do that happens multiple times during


life, especially if you're in the arts in any form, like us, for example. Yeah, we all have. Luckily, we're all working. You know what I mean?


If I knew that the radio business which I happen to be in was like the stupidest business financially to be in if you're a talent back, then I may have taken a different path. Yeah, I know. Absolutely. The wrong business. But well, it's fun. I love it. I'm addicted to it. Yeah. But


I also say what me I wasn't I did the same thing, right. Stupid


little they take care of people who have been in that game. I know. It's terrible. But it's also all about stand up passion, right? Yeah, stand up.


That's what I mean. I feel like the pandemic did both. I feel like some people were doing the grind every single day and the pandemic woke them up to they're not happy. So they did risk it all and they went into their passions. Like I have friends who started companies during the pandemic and then doing


magnificent for them. I love stories magnificent.

Luz Michelle:

That feels right. Every day. They're and they're living in their power every single day. They make their own rules, and they started companies than them bottom. The bottom


bots, the greatest way to do it, right. Yeah. Also,


you know what people are required by life events to try something that they didn't see coming like, I know a guy who happened to be in a hospital and saw some woman lose a kid pass away from choking and he said, That's it. I'm never going to watch another kid die again, invented a choking device, anti choking device, and he spends his days like, I love the whole other. Yeah, last night, he saw a guy on TV who had a business but then his daughter had a disease and the only thing was helping her was CBD and hemp. He bought a hemp farm became a farmer. He's like, look, this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna get my kid I'm gonna, and he's having huge. So by necessity, by timing, and just you know, you never know where you're gonna land from where you're a kid. But I think at work ethic is a lot what's missing and a lot of the young people,


but yeah, it's the basic work ethic and not being afraid to work, right? Yeah. And what do you do? You gotta love what you do. You do.


There's too many. I wasn't workaholic most of my life. And I look back and think how stupid was that? Because I would just love to work and I missed I would never take vacation. Like, no, no, I don't need a vacation. Two jobs, three jobs. Always just doing a million things because that was my energy. And I needed I loved it. Yeah. And now it's, I don't want to do all those things. The same time. Yeah, but I still find my mind going there. It's hard to


well, because your mind goes 10,000 miles. Yeah, gotta


hustle. Mind.


It's gotta hustle mind more than anybody I've ever known.

Luz Michelle:

Did you guys grow up with hustlers? I don't know if we caught that. Yeah. My buddies,


my buddies hustled. Okay, worked hard when we were you know, teenage, you know, young teenagers. Everybody worked at the grocery store, the gas station. Someone

Luz Michelle:

was always making money. Somebody was


always making money.


People coming in my father's office trying to sell stuff guys are pulling up open their trunk men's clothes. He was TVs into tribes. Everybody was us. Yeah,

Luz Michelle:

mine was opposite. My father was the guy that always followed the rules. He worked in one company for like, 30 plus years until he died. Well,


that's a great life. Right? I


didn't, but I don't I don't think it was, I think was he born he always wanted to be a college professor. And my father was extremely intelligent. He was like, the brilliant mind that he he was so intelligent that in the end that drove him mad. Oh, so he was very, very smart. My father, but he, he never got to really use it. And I think he would have been a phenomenal professor. And that's what I learned from him. It's like, do you follow the rules and do what you're supposed to do? Or do you take that chance?


I think you follow. You know, for me, I tell my kids I tell young people follow your passion. Yeah. Because if you follow your passion, right?

Luz Michelle:

You won't ever work a day in your life.


Just yeah. But it gives you the it gives you the opportunity to be in the arena with those that are really great with of what they do. Very nice


use of power and because so many parents have great intentions and put pressure on the kids. They don't want to be


I wasn't you didn't let me finish I'm kidding. I was taking a break.

Luz Michelle:

I caught the kid she's blaming you and you just kept saying


think I didn't know he wasn't finished?

Luz Michelle:

That's what she's


I forgot I forget it now so forget it.


I was hoping to get here so anyway,


just busting your chops chip in my cubes.


The childhood has aligned

Luz Michelle:

you come now let's see. It's a can


of corn. Yeah, Kenna corn is an old baseball term I now I know. But when you

Luz Michelle:

what does this even mean? If you're


if you're an outfielder and there's a fly ball and you catch it no matter what kind of catch it is, if you knew you had it all the way corn

Luz Michelle:

makes no sense. I don't think a baseball player that's Sheila outfield so a can of corn can of course incline Yeah, no, I'm talking about


talking about the little slice of heaven. Goin don't chip my cue

Luz Michelle:

down chip Mikey.


I got a ton of my seven Okay, how's that coffee? Going? Wrong contents high context. All right, everybody

Luz Michelle:

so much fine.


We're done word. We're doing a lot of long goodbyes. Thank you very much for listening. You guys were the official teenagers. We have a website the official teenagers.com You can find us on all the podcast players. Share us. Well yeah, because we're growing. Growing.

Luz Michelle:

We want you to grow with


just like my


dad, everybody. later bye.

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