Episode 18

Charlie get's COVID

So yeah, I thought I was gonna be one of the lucky ones. There are a lot of nicknames for COVID 19. The Rona, The Vid, The Covid. In my instance it was incredibly mild. For me, not a big deal, I have all the shots. I am really grateful. For others, my heart goes out to everyone.

The funny part is when we are all asked or ask this question. How did you get it, where did you get it? Are you kidding me, If I knew I wouldn't have gone to that place.

Debbie even asked! Debbie who for some crazy reason loves going to CVS, so I teased here and said CVS.

I did this episode solo, cause I am protective of my co-host Debbie Nigro. She will be back next week. You know, she is that kinda person, who walks through the door and we just start laughing.

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Charlie’s COVID

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Charlie Ponger

Charlie Ponger:

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the official Seenagers. I'm Charlie Ponger, one of your co-hosts. And Debbie NagrO is the other co-host, but she's not here today. And the reason why she's not here today is because I asked her not to be here today because I was getting over COVID. Right. I tested negative now, but, um, at the time, I wasn't, so we I decided to do this one bit by myself today. Hi, Deb. Hope you're listening.

Um, so I got this ridiculous question right from everybody. And everybody asked the same question. And I know a lot of intelligent people.

So it's pretty weird. So the question was, how'd you get it? Where'd you get it? The hell I know, I would say if I if I knew where I got it. I wouldn't have gone there in the first place. Right.

But Debbie asked me the same question. And so Debbie goes to CVS a lot. So I thought I teased her and I said, Well, I got it at CVS. And the reason why I actually did go to CVS, but who knows where I got it, right. But I went to CVS, because before I was feeling any symptoms at all, I went to CVS because I got a finally I got a call the first one ever to be a COVID compliance officer. Now I had filled out the forms and taking the test and paid my fee and all that sort of stuff. For the end entertainment industry, specifically for the entertainment industry, because well, that's what we do, we try to help entertain, and I wanted to be in that universe. So I got a call from GQ Magazine, which is owned by Conde Nast. And I was pretty excited about it was a photo shoot, I thought I'd get to meet some people and sort of integrate myself in their network a little bit. And you just never know where those things are going to turn up. And plus, I was getting paid for it. Right? I was getting paid decent money. So I of course, said yes. And then two days later, I had to call them after I had bought all the equipment and all that sort of stuff. I had to call him and he wouldn't pick up the phone. So I texted him and said, uh, I've tested positive I, you know, sorry, I can't do it. And he was like, feel better. That's all he said in the text, feel better, not even exclamation point. Or I'll call you soon or whatever. And so that just means you're out. You You're one and done. You had your shot. And that's it. So I guess I'll never get another phone call again for all that, right. So that's just the way it goes. Sorry, I'm still a little coffee here. So I may have to cough every now and then. But I'm going to keep that and I'm going to edit it out. So, you know, I woke up having your typical COVID symptoms for this round. I guess it is. You know, I mean, I was I had such a headache. And I was all, you know, felt like a head cold and the Sandman had an absolute headlock on me. You know, I slept for hours and hours, and I woke up with a fever and the whole deal. I took the test as to redline showed up, you know, I have the home that home test from the government. The two red lines showed up and I've my first thought was, oh, this is I've never done that before. Right. So I was like, this is like what women must do when they do their home pregnancy tests. It reminded me of the same thing. And I thought it was mixed feelings. You know, I was like, happy it's over with I know, I know what I have. I was bummed out that I actually had it. And then But then I thought, well, now I'm probably double the immune who knows? Right? You know, because I have all the shots. I have the boosters or whatever you got to do. I did it. And the reason why I did it is, you know, because I know people have mixed feelings about getting the shots or not. And I respect everybody's opinion about this. But I did mind because I don't know I'm gonna say it was five years back maybe more. I'm not really sure that I ended up having the Middle Eastern respiratory virus. And I got it because I was at a luncheon. And I was sitting next to a doctor, a guy had just come back from the Middle East doctor without borders. And he was coughing and sneezing and literally had a box of Kleenex next to him. And two days later, holy cow, really high fever, couldn't breathe. I literally couldn't breathe. I felt like my innards were shutting down. And somehow, you know, we were neophytes back then about all this stuff, right? And somehow I recovered, but it took me like, three to four months to recover from that thing. It was crazy. So when the COVID symptoms came out, and people were describing it was like yep, yep, yep, yep, I got that. I got it. I got it. That's what I had. So it was really an easy decision for me to get that those shots because I never wanted to have that feeling ever again. It was a Messed up feeling man, I gotta tell you. So, um, you know, I was sneezing so friggin hard that I was in so loudly I was like coming off my feet. It was crazy. I've never sneezed like that before. And I so loud that it was probably like my neighbors heard it, but I don't even have any neighbors. I literally don't have any neighbors, you know, except through the woods. So I wonder I wonder if they actually heard me sneeze. I don't know, man. It was pretty crazy. And then, you know, I saw I text my oldest my daughters and my oldest daughter responded and then ence my youngest in but two days later, I had all these vitamins showing up at my doorstep. You know, my oldest daughter's all over this crap. And so I just started taking all the vitamins and I normally do take vitamins every day anyway, supplements. But you know, I was out of a couple and she asked, and I was like, I'm out of this amount of that. And boom, they just showed up. And then another great thing happened. I had two friends, Jamie and Bryn. Now, Jamie's is the guy Bryn is the girl in case you guys didn't know the woman. And they were in my area. And they called me and said, Hey, why don't you meet us for a bite to eat? And I said, I'd love to, but I can't because I just tested positive for COVID I'm not feeling very well. And as I as Jamie's hanging up the phone, he was hanging up before any he's got COVID He can't come. I heard that. And the next thing you know, Bryn is on the phone with me, what do you need. And this woman was so sweet. I mean, I they they brought like 10 made dinners over from the grocery store. And those tins by the way that they're in, you can reuse the They're awesome. And also, she brought orange juice and vitamin a bunch of different vitamins. And she was all over it. And it was really, really nice of them to do that. So big shout out to Jamie and Brian. I really appreciate it Kristin too. And Kendall I love you. So, you know, I know. So So I started feeling better. Because one day you know, I woke up and I'm like, I gotta change these sheets. Man that was drenched right. So I changed the sheets. And I'm done making the bed and I am the worst at making beds. I don't know why it takes me so long. I'm so inefficient with it drives me nuts. But I did. And so I made the bed. And I realized I forgot the top sheet cheese. Right? So I took the covers off, put the sheet on. I'm attributing that to COVID memory loss. That's what I'm saying here. Right? So excuse me. There we go. So you know, I was feeling a little guilty. Like you guys I was feeling a little guilty says lying around so much. I was LIFO LIFO. As they say in Italian. I was really, really friggin tired. So all right, let me get on that rowing machine that my friend John gave me it's a 30 year old rowing machine, which I absolutely love. If you guys ever want to work out the rowing machine is phenomenal man. So but I could only be on it for five minutes. And I felt like my head was gonna explode. So probably in retrospect, it was probably I probably did that too soon. But, you know, I'm not complaining. I just, you know, I just kind of did it too soon. So now I'm fine. I just want all the women to know I'm fine. And I mean that I'm fine. It's not like when you guys say you're fine. You're not fine. We got to figure out if you're fine or not, but I'm really fine. I still don't get why you guys say I'm fine. I don't even understand what that means. Like why do we have to dig for that but I don't know I'm single so it doesn't bother me at all. So hopefully now I'm I'm way beyond you know, I was I've been splitting wood and wood, the wood splitter and cutting the grass and doing the vegetable garden and rolling in the whole thing. So I'm, I'm really 100% Back to normal except for just this little cough. You know, cough cough this little cough. I get here. My daughter's laughing me now. It's cough. I know it's cough. And I don't even know why I have an accent because I'm not even a New Yorker. So I don't I don't even get it. Right. But anyway, on the serious side of COVID It's obviously very serious. You know, a lot of people call it Rona. They call it the Wrona the vid the COVID it's COVID Another acronym, but you know, it's another whole nother thing of me. I can't stand acronyms. But I'm happy I'm vaccinated. It was a really easy decision for me to do to make because of that middle eastern respiratory virus that I had. It was an absolute shit show, by the way. But so I'm happy and I just trust the science right, you know, based on all that sort of stuff, but I understand there you know, there are considerable differences on both sides of the fence about whether to get it or not what Ever works for you. Right? Just be safe and make sure that you're safe. That you don't put anyone else in harm's way. Right? I think that's really important. So and you know, and I'm really sorry for anyone, sincerely, deeply sorry for anyone who's suffered from this. And worse who have passed away from this horrific virus. It didn't affect me, like, really, at all. But it did make me think about all those poor families. It made me think about a lot all those poor families that had to go through this stupid thing. And all the stupid friggin politics just keep the politics out of it. Right. You know, come on, man. What do you think there's a, you know, Democrats all over the world that are saying that these conspiracy theories and all that sort of stuff, some of this stuff is just so stupid. It drives me nuts. Alright, so anyway, um, that's really like the end of the show here. I want to say thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate it. I can't wait for Debbie to get back so we can have some laughs I'm really looking for I missed her. I haven't seen her in a long time, man. We haven't seen each other. So alright, so just remember, if you're in the grocery aisle, and you're making eye contact with someone, whether you're married or not, or have you're in a relationship or whatever, just say hi to a stranger. You know, you could make somebody's day by just saying hello. How easy is that? How friggin easy is that? To help someone out just by saying hello to someone. acknowledgement of someone. There you go. That is the wisdom of being an official teenager. Ah, yeah, right. Okay, you guys. Thanks so much for listening. If you're listening on Apple podcasts or whatever, just make sure or Spotify. Go and write a review and tell everybody how great we are and share the show. The larger the audience is, the better off we all are. You know, it's all done by a village. All right. I'll see you later. Bye.

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