Episode 11

The Overnighters!

Charlie, a Seenager bachelor, needs to prepare for overnight guests. Charlie wants his overnight guest to have a fantastic experience but has no idea what to do! And that's where Debbie comes in!

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The Over Nighters!



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Debbie Charlie, Debbie Nigro, Charlie Ponger

Charlie Ponger:

Hey everyone. Thank you so much for listening to the teenagers and being a big part of the Official Seenagers family well. This is another funny episode where Debbie teaches me on how to transform my bachelor cottage into a comfy air b&b. And now, the overnighters play Hey, everyone, welcome to the Official Seenagers. I'm Charlie ponger. And I'm Debbie Nago. Hey, Charlie, I have to tell everybody I walked in just now to you know, do some recordings with you. And the first thing he said to me is, oh, my God, I'm having company they're sleeping over. I have I can't get the ring out of my toilet. I'm like, Are you kidding me is that we're starting the show today. And that's what we decided to talk about. Right?

Debbie Nigro:

Well, let's get real. I'm like, Okay, have you tried some bleach? That didn't work? Right. Okay, have you tried some? Like, I don't know. Rush remover? No, I did. Okay, and then I went

Charlie Ponger:

blue water. And I went, oh my god, this is fantastic. Let's talk about this. We have to hide the ring. Okay. Yeah. Alright, so the blue. What's the stuff call? Oh my gosh. You know, you can Google everything these days. You know, the blue, blue water in your toilet will hide a multitude of sins. The rusty right. Yeah. Because it's, it's probably rusty because you live in an old 1700 house and there's copper pipes, maybe and I change the water filter every three months. So okay,

Debbie Charlie:

so you worried about the girl who's coming with your cousin. And because he's a girl coming to a bachelor, a woman? Woman? You have to step up a little bit. You gotta do a little harder. You try the harder. Oh my god, Mary Poppins. And listen, I my job on Saturdays growing up as a little Italian chubby girl. But I had to help my mother clean the house. Everybody else was out there here was at the mall. My job Saturday was chores. And then part of it was cleaning the bathroom. So I got I got you. You do? I got you. Yeah, I'm looking online. Yeah. And we're gonna get the blue tap. You know, I haven't seen the blue toilet water in a while. Is it allows it is it? Is it over?

Charlie Ponger:

I don't know. Is it kind of still get it? I get it. You get the things that drop in the blue tablets. Right? What about the thing that used to hang you know from the side or whatever you put it? I don't know if that's in let me see what's in here. We got a lot of choices. You have the Clorox bleach in blue. You're both sanitary. That's a good start. I like Clorox everything so I don't know four packs clean for 16 months in case somebody comes back. Okay. Rarely has company I know. I know. I know. So when you have company and you haven't in a while fishy when your bachelor yeah things to do? So much. Time to do this. I got a vacuum. I started dusting today. Okay, dusting vacuum. What else? Well, I gotta do my own laundry. But I got a dust vacuum change of beds. She knew she like the whole bathroom towels, fresh towels, pumps, soda, or flowers, pumps or something to eat something to pick on drink. chopping, chopping coffee. I'm a mess. It's over. You could also get Scrubbing Bubbles. Drop ins, helps keep your toilet bowl stain free. So the thing is, we're trying to hide a stain. That's not your own. Yeah, right. Good. That's right. I would tell them it's a water thing. Look, if we want everyone to know it's totally yours. Your stain? I'd suggest they stayed someplace else. But since it's not your it's not a cancer ring. When guys Yeah, or anybody? Yeah. It's a big deal. Because you want people to feel great in your home. Right? And some people are really good at it. And some people aren't, you know, are terrified of this. What they have to do to step up in a short period of time before there are people right now who can't listen to us because you're hiding your stuff because somebody right? I'm hypersensitive to you know, my guy. But I'm still hypersensitive to when companies coming. I really truly want to make it an experience for them. Your son. Nice. That's true. Nice guy, but I clearly fail on it. Well, everybody wants to make it a nice experience who's have good heart who was having come? And then they all become like Martha Stewart overnight, like a whole year could have gone by they never had one fresh flower in their house. No reason they got bouquets everywhere. And fresh muffin smells and I was burning. I love you. The lights? I got the French Cafe lights. Oh, that's cute. Okay, right. Alright, so just it's a girl coming and you're a guy and a woman a woman. A woman needs a few little nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, but definitely a couple of blankets. Because women get cold. We're more blankets. Okay, up there from the 1700s like the house because my answer would be you could fluff it up a little bit of your fluff. Like I'm not sleeping over. You're not no. So even in a storm, I would drive down the road. You would not come here. I sleep in my car. Even if I had my generator and everything. Yeah, it's cold in here too. Cuz you could do something about that. I can turn the heat on. But I have this thing I can turn the heat. I have a guy. I have a thing what a guy I have a thing instead of like, what do you that? I got a thing that like I don't want to turn the heat on until it gets like to us certain date let me tell you something what? What What's wrong with that you people don't have the thing Yeah, that not turning the heat on it till a certain day until what your nose crack so I got a certain date. Well when I used to ski I brought in inside my ski boots when I bought them. And it would be ultimately I would not buy another pair of ski boots until it turned out to be $1 a run. So, if I paid $300 for a pair of ski boots, it would be $300 You know, run before I bought another pair of ski boots. I did the same thing with my business suits inside the lapel I would write when I bought it. I'm thinking put the date on the blue toilet. Please don't already tells you. Come on. Turn the heat on here. This is psycho but you have the nice wood burning stoves. Alright, you know what I'm gonna do tonight for you even though you're not gonna be here. Yeah, but I'll feel it. I'm gonna let it fire. Why would you not do I'm sitting here three coats maybe it's time. So alright, so see this is a woman thing. Now. catch on. I have to catch on. We have thinner skin. We're more feminine. Well, I'm tipping you off. You have to be more directly direct right on your refrigerator. Turn it on. You're writing this down? You're gonna feel her frigerator I can't believe that girl a blanket. That's not from the 1700 Debbie kill. It's not gonna like it here. Good. She'll never come again. Just get through this, right? This is your cousin's girlfriend? Yes. It's my cousin's girlfriend who worked for the UN for a gazillion years. Okay, so she's maybe been in maybe countries he used to being Yeah, he is he's used to being in third world countries. Anyone expect much she wants pump soap. That's number three. So because you can't you really got to write this down. I got the list. Oh, man, can you have gooey soap on this somebody soap thing that was I put a brand new thing and soap in there. Like, you know, blocker so fine. Can I do that? Fine. Alright, as long as it's not touched, it's not us. Now. We don't want you to be nice clean cup. You know, like this, you know? All right, that works. And then you need some light because there's not enough light upstairs. And you need the mirror girls got to get dressed because see what's going on here. Okay, yeah, yeah, mirror. She's got to get a little one which is fine. But then there's no light near the mirror. So how that's not going to work? That bathtub like from 1700. Yeah, she gets Oh, I don't know what it's from. But it's all well, how old is this woman? Because if she gets in, she's 16. She's 16. Okay, she may live here. She's gonna get out. Peter will help her out. You'll need another blanket for what he's living probably in the tub. I gotta tell you. Chances are Yeah, you know, I got the outdoor shower. Maybe we'll take out their showers. I have on three jackets. But there's hot and cold water out there. It's so nice when it's this temperature. And you turn on the hot water not selling me. Shower in the woods in the winter. Why? It's fantastic. Coming to stay one night one night. Okay, and then they're leaving. But stay another night but I won't be here now. They're not staying. This is ridiculous the way this is going? No. Do you have any food? You need food? People want it? I got some food but I was gonna do Bay. I was gonna get fresh bagels. Yeah, that does No. Turn down a bagel. Nobody. Nobody who can bacon good bacon. I'll even make some eggs. Okay, cute. Right? Yeah. And then you know, jams the bagels and lox and all that sort of stuff. And you can put music on that kind of guy. I'll do Miles Davis gonna be what's wrong with Miles Davis in the morning. Nothing is wrong with Miles Davis Miles Davis. You like Miles Davis? I love miles do women like Miles Davis? Yes, Charlie. Women like miles so I can clearly no wonder why I'm single. Right? Let's knock that's another show. Why you're single. Okay, you just have to move a few pieces pictures around. Oh, I heard you moving stuff up there before what the heck were you doing up there? I haven't gone on to tell everybody what the problem is here. Why was I doing up there? Yeah, so when the woman's laying in bed or that your friend? If they had like a glass of water? What are they gonna do? Hold it all night? Why do you have to have a glass of water? Oh, all right. Oh. If you guys if you could have seen the look I just got when I said to have Why do you have dentures and you want to put their dentures? What are you doing going out with somebody like that? What if it What if they're having like a romantic night? They just want to put I don't have something next to them. That reminds me oh, here we go. What if they're having a romantic night? I gotta make some sort of sound so I don't hear anything down here what am I gonna do that shout We're outside. I'm gonna go get that 1700 blanket think about that. Nobody's ever here. Let me tell you when you go on vacation a woman that's a licensed to have fun. Okay, outside of your usual Yeah, absolutely in the woods with the fireplace you got the Miles Davis Bacon smell you get up get used to those headphones. Yeah. Go to sleep on my headphones.

Debbie Nigro:

Pretty much how it's gonna go

Charlie Ponger:

What am I gonna do? What if I hear see that shower outside? Blanket? I don't know what I'm gonna do. Alright Charlie, you can't say hey, I can hear you. No, no, you've never say that. Just put more pillows over your head and get nice pillowcases without pillows over your head. Good luck to you. Oh my mama did ma

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