Episode 13

A MUST for men, Read Between the Lines

How good are you at reading between the lines?

Are women better than men or men better than women or.... maybe this isn't even the right question?

The Jetsons we talks about this a little bit

Stamford Ford they are mentioned in this episode, and no, they are not an advertiser, just a really good car dealership.


Reading Between the Lines?



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Luz Michelle, Debbie Nigro, Charlie Ponger

charlie ponger:

I'm just learning about tee it up.

Luz Michelle:

Oh God. So

charlie ponger:

Hey everyone, this is the official teenager you I'm Charlie ponger

Debbie Nigro:

I'm Debbie Nigro but lose Michelle's gonna tee

Luz Michelle:

tee it up for you guys topic of the day. reading between the lines Oh my What does this mean to all of us? This

Debbie Nigro:

is a topic of the day it efficient in agers.

charlie ponger:

Are you guys doing the line? Are you guys good at reading between the lines?

Luz Michelle:

Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes it could really blow over my head.

charlie ponger:

It blows over my head every single time.


Like, I'll give you a real simple one. My daughter's calls me and she'll be like, Oh, Ma, how are you feeling? Isn't that I'm thinking reading between the lines. She wants to know if I'm available to babysit. All right, that would be a very simple Oh, are


you sick? What do you how do you respond to that? Well, look,


I love my grandkids so I would kill to go babysit as long as that nobody's sick. Nobody's got COVID and I don't have work. I want to be somewhere. I'm not on a plane. Okay, it's fine. So reading between the lines. Yeah. Hey, mom. And I'm like, I am waiting for to come. So I can I know when that phone call. Is that phone call? Yeah. And she won't. She won't want to actually come in, say because she didn't want to bother me to now been busy. But I already know make it easy for you. Yes, I can babysit what's the day to say? Yeah,


okay. That's what you say to her.


Well, I cut to the chase. I'm like dancing. You're dancing. I think I don't know what you're trying to get here.


Oh, how about lose? I'm reading between the lines.

Luz Michelle:

Yeah, I suppose it all depends. Sometimes I feel like I catch it. Like if someone's saying something, but they're not saying or sometimes I'm like, I'm making this up in my


tell the story about the room before you went on to the show. So

Luz Michelle:

I had a show. I was telling the Sherman a story what we do here. I was about to do a show with a dear friend of mine. And that dear friend of mine screwed over one of my other dear friends. But it's like we have to be hype right no matter what, no matter what's going on. It was like a pack show. It's like I wanted to keep good vibe. But it was like so fucked up. Yeah, good vibes. So I go out to them a photo showing like I'm looking at like, just staring. And I'm like, we're gonna go out there. And we're gonna have a good shower. And then we're gonna talk. And I just like walked away and in my mind, like, okay. You look at you and your fingers, between the line between the lines. I know, but we're not going to talk about and now we're gonna go do our job. Like, I am doing the finger.


You're doing? You think you were telling me a little crazy? Natives and Island? Whatever the hell you are. I want to talk about business in business. Well, we do. We're entertaining today. She's an entertainer. She's a comedian. I do talk radio. I'm an entertainer. You cannot have negative vibes before you open a microphone. Oh, before he twists your brains you have to clear the air or figure some way to put it somewhere else. Very bad. Very bad. Yeah, between the lines. Charlie, what do you got?


Well, I put it in a separate box. Right? We're in terms of what you're saying. I put it in the no man's box.


You're pointing to your head is if you have boxes in there, which you do


redo the man's box. I just put it in the in the empty box. Yeah.


Leave it there. As stereotypical now. And then that's it. Very typical mailbox. You know my girlfriend from college Ellen who I love had told me that a therapist once told her you can't have all the drawers open at one time in your head so that when you're born I like yeah when you're pointing to your head yeah the box yeah think of a almost like a apothecary like you know chest with all the little baby boxes. And people who are like losing it. Have all the boxes open it wanted he can't do it. You have to shut the boxes. You only pull out one box at a time.

Luz Michelle:

Imagine yelling at that yelling at someone close your eyes is


like two gay buddies that I haven't seen in years they would say I got too many girls running around in my head right


the good vibes only sign glow glows above us on this show. Right? Yeah. So much like you guys. Why we are here together is because we like good vibes. We like to create them. We like to be in them. We like to make other people laugh when you meet somebody. Yeah. Can you tell in terms of reading between the lines if they have good vibes or not?


Absolutely. Yes. Heartbeat heartbeat. And I walk away if they're if they're not putting out a good thing right


now. Can you tell a phony good Viber of a phony goodbye. Yeah, somebody who starts off with like, hey, whatever and then all of a sudden they start going down the dark tunnel of bullshit, you


know? 100 percent right? I can't be around people like that


anymore. Right? And can you and will you agree?


This is all my life coach


you know, life coaches get a lot of money. So I'm gonna start charging for this crap. But anyway, god, okay, I forgot what I was gonna say. Do you agree? Yeah. That somebody who may be beautiful and very attractive physically, who opens their mouth and says the wrong thing could be very come very ugly very quick.


Absolutely turn off. I I have always said there's a difference between someone being physically attractive and beautiful.


Correct, right. Yes. And on the flip side, yeah. Haven't you had the experience where someone who may not have been to your liking because it's all subjective, appealing and attractive, but then opens their mouth and all of a sudden they're the most beautiful person you ever seen in your life? Yeah, I just,


I just watched the Pamela Anderson document. And I thought, this is one of the most beautiful people I've ever. You know, I would be friends with her. Really? Yeah. heartbeat.


I just want her bathing suit to fit. No, I mean, you know, stay watch one. Yeah, I'd like to be able to documentary blows me away. I didn't say it out loud.


She is mistreated. Really unbelievable.

Luz Michelle:

She seems I'm literally only a couple of minutes and it's just like it seeing a lighter version of her. For you. But don't foiling


I'm just gonna say this. I'm not gonna spoil for crying out loud. Staten Island. Please, don't text me anymore. So

Luz Michelle:

she goes on these days that now


she goes on these talk shows, you know, the late night talk shows and they make fun of her and she absorbs it. And in one instance, she was just like law. It's not really nice, but she doesn't like combat it or defend herself. Because it's almost like that this human being is above the fray.


I gotta watch. It sounds very interesting. She


is and what happened to her with the stolen tape. You know, the

Luz Michelle:

terrible that story? That's a terrible


story. She was mortified by it.

Luz Michelle:

Would you not pay?


I don't blame her.

Luz Michelle:

Right. It was a way in their home and a personal space and someone freakin stole it.


Terrible. Terrible. How would somebody know there was a tape in a personal space in the house? And


oh, you got to watch. Okay, you got to watch. You got to watch

Luz Michelle:

someone who was around. Okay.


But I imagine people is bad thing. Yeah. Yeah. Because we tend to judge the entire


country judged her. Right. Charlie's going


between the lines. Go and start reading between the lines.


I have a problem even with women that I don't know if they like me or not. Really? Yeah. Unless they're just like, you know, they say something that's I like you.


Like you. So you can read between the lines. If somebody is attracted to you and wants to talk to you or not,

Luz Michelle:

and I cannot flirting with you. You wouldn't I don't know


if they're flirting or not really flirting. And then the other thing is like with work stuff. I have no idea sometimes. What the superior is trying to get across right? issue. Yeah, it is. It's like Alright, so I'm just gonna do my own thing.


The ideal employee,


I think, What do you mean by that? You know, and that kind of thing. But no, I just started this job. And this guy that I work for is just a phenomenal human being.


That's good to know. But does he know that when he tells you to do something, you go, I don't know what he's talking amongst my own thing, and then I'll


go Hey, Dave, what


are the Yeah, yeah. So reading between the lines. It comes up in personal relationship, everything. Yeah. In business relationships, even in transactional relationships. Like go buy a car, right? You go to car dealership that's easy to read between the lines. You like, Hey, I'd like to look at that car. Like no, you need a souped up one with a third down. You don't need all these things you like, you're just trying to sell me? Well. Now. You know. I don't want that.


You know that when you walk into a car? Unfortunately, when you walk into a car dealership, there's probably only one car dealership that I know of. That's not full of shit. Which one? It's called Stanford Ford and Stanford Canada. They

Luz Michelle:

pay in you know, okay, not a dime but mine is pleasant Ford. Okay.


They're just so honest. It's yeah, I guess so. They'll probably never listen to the show. But I mean it


right? Yeah, I'm reading between the lines. I want to get a pedicure last week. And I just want to pedicure right and like ah, you want to have the one with the thing with the thing with the thing with the thing I got no no really any I just don't want that. It's just like a regular. No, you How about and I know I was thinking was this poor girl is just trying to make more money. Yeah. Right. Because she needs to make more chips. Yeah. And I said I'll tell you what. I'm gonna give you a bigger tip than you ever imagined. Just don't ask me any more questions about things I don't I did shoot now because I want her to make the money to make money I just don't want my feet rubbed when you know cactus match. Right I always say I'm allergic to all that you're trying to learn trying to put all these things on me. I'm allergic reaction. I just take the tip. Do you do a manicure and a pedicure? depends on the time. Well, depends. Oh, yeah, yeah, girls have either have time for the toes. Time for the nails. Very rarely time for both at the same time. And if they do, they usually get it at the same time, or nothing else can happen.

Luz Michelle:

Oh, God, I remember my first first time I ever did that. And even though we could do Yeah, it's like he's like your aerial. Yeah.


I had never seen that before. Because sometimes I go get a pedicure.


Really. It's like a carwash for a human female body like hey, everything's up and everything gets getting done at the same time. The only thing missing is somebody blowing your hair and putting your makeup on or


God you'd be like in the star in your bills, you


know at the same time your squad I always wish there was a carwash you could just get in. Like for physical purposes, just get in some contraption. come out the other side, ready to roll.

Luz Michelle:

I'm like the Jetsons. Yeah, like the Jetsons. Everything does that. Yeah, I'm gonna keep TPP we're really


close. You know the Jetsons? I want to? I want to ask, What do

Luz Michelle:

you mean, I grew up in a black and white TV dial and you're only 42? Yeah. Oh,


wow. The Jetsons?


Did you watch Ed Sullivan? He wasn't around. Yet. Something

Luz Michelle:

was on. Did


you watch Dick Van die? Watch

Luz Michelle:

all of that. Yes, Charlie. Yeah, Aaron's always had to do a whole show someday on TV.


Shows Mary Tyler Moore had such a crush on her was unbelievable. Really. Uh, but here's this. This is when women say I'm good. Or I'm fine. Yeah. To you, too. What does that mean?


It means I don't want to talk about it. It all depends. It all different. No, it means that I'm good. I don't need you to do extra for me. I got this. All right. Depending on the tone, okay,

Luz Michelle:

so there's tone right loose, like experience is tight. So the read between the lines is good. said like that is okay. I believe you said like this. Um, good. Night how you deliver. Japan should not good. What I was saying before I learned a very, very fun quote. years ago with fine when someone says I'm fine and actually means that they're effed up insecure, neurotic and empty.


And that's how we end the show today. Teenagers because where they began lose. What does it mean?

Luz Michelle:

It means you're fucked up. insecure, neurotic and empty.


pretty much sums it up.

Luz Michelle:

There you go. Love you. Fine. Fine. All right, everyone.


Thank you. You're fine. All right, everyone. Thank you so much for listening. Share the show. What's the name of the show? The official teenager?


Oh, very good. Charlize officials teenagers.com Because if you do sign up and subscribe, you'll get every every week you'll get another podcast yet


you get two podcasts and an email all you got to do is click on them why don't you guys sign up? I don't get it.

Luz Michelle:

And I have a question from Charlie stupid question.


You made me make a business card they said every Friday and you're releasing the shows on Thursday is there any reason why you didn't tell me that oh I


changed my mind yeah good. Alright everyone,

Luz Michelle:

see you later bye bye now.


George Jetson?



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