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It's All About Season 2 Mars and Venus

Hey Seenagers! The title says it all, this is all about season two. We are expanding The Official Seenagers with cool and interesting blogs. You can find our blogs and our audience participation blogs at www.theofficialseenagers.com Come join. Send us your story. You can also leave us a voicemail. We're all Official Seenagers now, so let's bond :)

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We are adding great interviews, including Broadway Joe Namath who was gracious enough to interview with Debbie. John DeSilvia from the cable network show Rescue My Renovation. John is known as Johnny TV.

Can't Make this up...



Hey everyone, welcome to The Official Seenagers. Can't make this up!


No we can’t. We can do it easily. Yeah, it’s so real


I know. Hey everyone, hi Seenagers, you are Official Seenagers!


A big high five Welcome to the fun over 50 crowd. We are underserved in the media, if I say so myself. And what I love most about what we're doing is it not only appeals to our crew, but all the other generations who are like cracking up like all these people really know, right happens in real life. So this is our second season, season two, except here's the problem, with a little delay. I didn't even know you launch season one. You know, I'm not kidding. We're recording and recording and you're editing and you're editing and all of a sudden one day you go, Hey, we're trending. I'm in the shower. I'm like, what are you talking about? Trend, right. Really? Very, very forward of you to just launch.


Well, you know, men are from Mars.


Oh my god. I was like, Alright, whatever. Yeah. And then I was too. I was too screwed up to deal with you and we did trend. We trended right,


we got to be number 60. On improv,


really? Can you believe that? No. Who are these other 60 people?


Well, on the charts, you know, they have these podcasts.

I wouldn't know...


I didn't know we launched. But good for you following the bouncing ball. Yeah, we've been working very hard on the technology and setting up everything. So we're very comfortable here. But let's talk about the blog. I wrote just so people understood what happened last time I was here, which was the first day okay, go ahead. Okay, so, as I mentioned, I didn't know Charlie launched The Official Seenagers. I was a little distracted. Yeah, I was in the hospital getting like a do-over boob implant, breast cancer flip around operation. Okay, so I couldn't concentrate. So now I come out of that. I'm a little cranky. Not bad, but also nice. He is like posting everywhere and deleting everything. And he's like, Oh, we're trending. I'm like, I can't get up. What am I doing? So then I thought, Okay, I'm going to rally and come right back up to the house, and we're going to get going except, I tripped on my granddaughter's toy on Christmas Day, the bouncing ball. My daughter thought was a good idea on blue. Now that's bad. I mean, I really thought they were gonna say like, oh, gosh, poor grandma. She died on Christmas Day fell, right. I mean, I was laying on the floor on a bouncy, scared. You're scared really? I was really scared because I didn't know what what I just done. All I know is a lot of my face. My face it my daughter's socked foot. My head went back to her. That wasn't good.


It's always not good when you hear sir.


And I slam my arm and I somehow thought did I dislodge a boob? Because that was last week's problem. Right? Not your shoulder. Your boob. I didn't know what was going to be really there. I didn't know if we're going to call 911 Really? Seriously? Yeah. So I was petrified. Got up. I'm like trying to like keep it you know, I got everything cooking. Now I'm trying to keep it going like our grandma's fine. Yang. Mo was in traction. For two weeks afterwards, I looked like I had whiplash. I couldn't come if I wanted to. Because I couldn't turn left or right. I had to go straight and only go straight. I would go out to my car in the morning and turn the seat heater on. So I would get like soft like, there are big. And then I had hot things on my neck. It was really scary. And you're back and I was looking up like how long does whiplash last? Yeah. Oh, six to eight weeks. I'm like, okay, great. So I figured, okay, rally. I'm getting better. I'm gonna go up to Charlie's cottage, then boom, i get COVID. That was fun. Yeah, that thing, my God. And I have boosted and Vaxxed and I'm, you know,


How sick were you? You know,


it was just awkward because it wasn't like, I kind of knew I wasn't going to die. Although this is big game of Russian Roulette who's dying thing is COVID Just like a game of Russian, right? So you live, and you're like, Okay, I'll deal with it. As long as I'm going to live. And it was like a really, really bad cold but it was foggy head like it was like somebody you know, I felt like it felt like in my head. Like you never been in a limo.


No, never been a limo. Spent my life in a limo


driver to hear what you're saying. Could you put that window up between?


Yeah. Oh, that the old limo limo. Yeah, that were cool. I felt like I had a...


limo partition in my sinuses. Oh, you did? I was breathing through a limo partition. I'm not kidding. That's what it felt like, then one day I'm fine and rally and then I'm like, I gotta go to sleep. So we had like COVID surges. Yikes Yeah, and a lot of people.


I know, we were sure.. we're communicating over that. And I was like, well, we're delaying Season Two for sure.


Okay, so now I show up. And this is this is the story that I'd like to really get to go home the Mars Venus nonsense. Okay, got this straight. Charlie lives in a beautiful part of the world. We'll call it upstate New York for people who live in New York City but it's not really upstate it's just


just above the Connecticut Greenwich and Stamford Connecticut line. It's above...


the freezing mark for any precipitation is different, it's definitely


a different from where you live. It's a completely different weather pattern.


So we had a little snow Okay, no problem. I'll come up. He says to me, listen, when you get here park at the top of the driveway and get you it's icy, and I didn't bother to shovel snow. No wonder this guy's single, like really? So so I get out of the car, right? And I'm like, I'm looking forward to coming back because I laugh with you and I really need to laugh. Laughing is like in critical demand. There is data on really to laugh? And we have certain people that you know are good for that you're good for them. I was looking forward to it. So I'm in the driveway, I pull in my car starts sliding down the driveway, I go to the emergency like I did today ever learn this trick. Turn the car around three point turn. Yeah. And now I'm in the car. I said, Okay. So I'm going to work it out. Also, my I'm holding the door. My leg is going down the driveway, and I'm like, oh, no, no, no, no, I call him. Hey, Charlie. Charlie, you're on drugs, your on drugs, man. What is this? How am I getting from here? You have to come get me. Yeah. Okay, so you're nice guy. Yeah, I'll come get you. Charlie comes out like four below zero. He's wearing a t shirt and like he's got a walking stick or like some like a ski pole


It was a ski pole from cross country skiing. Without a basket. Y


You already know you're in the wrong neighborhood when the guy who's going to see to do whatever business is coming to rescue you with a ski pole. No. So I, I'm like shaking. I go, listen, it's icy and you look at my feet. Dead serious. He says why are you wearing those shoes? Look down. I got my my winter boots over the knee. Very sexy. Cute, because you know, I'm still delusional that I'm young and I haven't it's like suede. And he says you can't wear those boots. These are my boots. This is that does ridiculous. I'm like it goes on somebody's boots. I


like, like hiking boots.


I will, not on me. You know I don't use.. What size are you? I'm like, Okay, what you're gonna go in the cottage. Give me your boots. Walk me back. Let's just do this. Let's do this. So we get we walk. I hug the arm I gave


you I,


gave you some hiking boots, right? No, not then. Oh, no. You came down. You came down in those stupid slippers? No, it came down in the boots holding your arm with the hiking. Yeah, with the slippers. They were like slippers. I had to pull myself up like George from the jungle on your deck because he had never done anything with the steps. They were full off ice. That was interesting. And then I got in here. And like you really, I still with the shoes, like the sensible shoes. And you said, oh hey, I turned on the heat for you. I was like, Oh, what a guy.


Like, do you want shot of tequila? So now, Can you hear my version of the story?


What's more to say?


I just want to say that you came down with the wrong shoes. You were all prissyed up like a beautiful woman. Right? You came


I was like, what? You know, my attire is very different. Yeah, it is your version of like. I don't shop at REI. No,


that's my version of Prissy


I'm thinking I got I got a deckers, I think right now. So we're here and back


and the walk, just so everyone knows the walk is, you know, the driveways pretty long, and it's a little steep. And then you've got to walk, about you know, I measure everything by....


let me measure it for the audience. So we have to just keep going, I think Fargo Yeah, let me move on because it's ridiculous conversation let's talk about walking no and why guys and girls have this big shoe thing where guys only need one pair of shoes or two yeah functional practical, and they always look good right and women do not look good impractical shoes right they look dumpy right you know I have to you know choose


I don't think they look dumpy. I think they look kind of sexy in in wearing Rei shoes. Depending


on the woman. Yeah, right. Depending on the I'm a bigger woman. Yeah, you look great in Rei shoes, and maybe look cloud Hopper ish. You know, I need something to distract from the bigness and not that big. In fact, a mom Weight Watchers right now we should talk about that whole show.


...It's not You're not big, you're tall. No, I


shrunk. But we did everybody how tall were you?


I was I've always been short. I stopped growing and like when I was 15 I was five eight.


That was it. Those it? Wow. Yeah, I was faggy like fourth grade. And then I went on to shrink after that. I really was five eight you were that some nurse smashed my head down one time and she screwed me up. I was like really? She pushed me down like on the on the measuring thing? Yeah, she did it every year. She kept taking off. Yeah, I got a home number. Put me in a bad mood because now they ask you when you fill out forms when you look taller. You how tall you and you look you do you're supposed to say Oh, I used to be five eight but now there's no I'm not. Yes. Like I used to be 120 but now you know pick up that pen but now again, you can oh so let's talk about walking. Okay, go ahead and shoes. There is a good reason why you're right. I will give you the I will defer that I was in the wrong shoes for this environment.


What? Wait a second no timeout. A woman that saying yes?


You are right. Wow. Right. Wow. Right and


we ladies take a listen to that. You know how much men absolutely, just absolutely love those words. Well, we just, every now and then we want to be able to hear your right a couple of things. I'm sorry. Yes. I'm sorry, Charlie. And or Oh, you're at You're right about that. I made a mistake.


Men can do it right. You're right. Okay. See how nice I am. That was like you did the whole time. Right. Can you in? Yeah, I


really I saw it in your eyes.


Okay, but here's the problem, Charlie, go ahead. The problem with men and women and shoes that men outfits. You know, dressing style only requires shoes be one height. Right? Women have options. And you can't wear Rei hiking shoes with a skirt don't look right. I mean, it could if you were like 12


or Vermont, Cuba, I don't think.


So they need different shoes for different outfits. You need a little heel for this a little boot for that a little thing for that Hibu for that flat shoes for here, sneakers for that. So this is why the baggage industry in the airline world is making billions of dollars. Because they didn't think this through. They said, Okay, we're screwed. Nobody's flying. Let's just charge everybody extra baggage fees. And we know who that is, right? A woman with the frickin shoes. Okay, that's just as this


the reason why you have so many women have so many different pairs of shoes


and miss planes because they can't figure out. Right, let's go back to walking. Walk in certain shoes. We know this. We women know that we need Comfortable shoes to walk especially with this 10,000 BS thing that they told us it was 10,000 steps a day. Who are these people?


I don't know. It's like five miles. Who are these people that decided crazy?


Who's got time to walk 10,000 steps a day, you know who's got you know what's behind this? Oh, those hip replacements? Are they replacement people?


It's a marketing ploy. They


figured out Listen, let's make these people think they have to walk 10,000 steps a day. And then we'll just look at our projections for the industry. Yeah, go ahead. No, I do my homework. Oh, so


they're doing a metrics on. On. If we get people to walk 10,000 steps a day, we'll have this many hip replacements within 24 months. Yeah,


% in:


oh my goodness sakes, why are they gonna show it back? So have a plan? They have a plan? Well, you know, if you're an ad, if you grew up as an athlete, right, yes, your body definitely wears out. So I guess that theory might work for you. But boy, would that be cynical?


You know what's hard during COVID especially live in in a cool area of the world like we do where the weather is tough to get out of the house. You don't even get your front door to get to the driveway. It's hard to get your steps in.


Unless you keep walking from my cottage to the top of the driveway where the garage is. That's a pretty long walk. You just do that a couple of times and get your 10,000 steps and you want to do that.


Again, it's very understandable why you're single. I don't want to belabor it. What would you call your Charlie? lonewolf? Sir, yeah, every Italian guy has his stupid names like, you know, like, Joey pizza. Or Vinnie tree, or everybody's got an Italian name. What's what these guys tell you a name and like a noun after it. Oh, it's unbelievable. Like, give me some Italian friends of yours.


Okay, Johnny TV. Right? Johnny? Johnny D. He's gonna come and do an interview here. Johnny TV. Yeah, so Johnny had Rescue My Renovation on HGTV for years ,right. Then there's Frankie peppers. They Yeah, right now. Yeah, because Frankie peppers makes the most amazing fried peppers that you just when he brings them over you and he has his own jars want


to know him? Oh, he's unbelievable guy. Yeah, the only reason I know Vinnie the chin is because I have his robe. Oh, you have his robe. It's not his


we have it. We actually have nicknames. My friend John. We call him Johnny dog.


See? You're like Charlie lone wolf. There's Charlie lone nobody's coming down that driveway. Single and ever gonna come back again. It's not happening.


Who are so curious about why I remain single? Well, I


know. Yeah. You know, you can see my plays. It's a personal choice. Looking around. Yeah. Well,


it's a bachelor car. I


love coming here. I do love coming here. And people wonder when they hear people speak, like what it looks like and we should probably take some pictures and share.


We'll do that and that's going to be part of season two. By the way. We're going to be doing what Debbie and I have and we we've been writing blogs. And that's going to be part of the show. As a matter of fact, in part, what we talked about today, part of that is going to be a blog that Debbie wrote, and it's really, really funny. And you can find that on our website. The official screenagers.com Of course, right?


Yes. And you know what I really want to make sure we do this season. Yeah. Is really bring in our fellow seenagers. I agree. Yes, it's about us. Yes, it's about we're making fun of our we're the ringleaders, we're just the ringleaders for this generation that's trying to have as much fun as they can before they check out


right. saying there's a correct side of the dais, your instructor or not our grandparents, right. Well, we were kids. Yeah. You know, we're not like that. We're not even like our parents know, we're very different




So we've got some great interviews lined up. Yeah, that are coming up. Like, Debbie did this phenomenal interview with Joe Nemeth Broadway, Joe, right, whatever his nicknames are. Joe Willie is probably it's really wonderful because it's sort of like the underside belly of how Joe Willie thinks how Joe Namath. Thanks. And he's a really super nice guy,


gentlemen. Yeah, he's a true gentleman done a lot of good things for people, kind man, Family Guy, you know, I love talking to the authentic side of people that might have a celebrity out there. But I will tell you in terms of booking this show, honest to God, if somebody does not have our spirit and care if they're a celebrity, not getting on here, I agree. Zero, we fact, if you're a negative person, please turn us off. I cannot take any negative energy. I don't have any bandwidth for it. You


no, like it gives me stress.


Do you notice when people get older, they lose their patience. I never thought it would happen to me. I saw I saw my aunt's in restaurants growing up when they were get as time was my best friends. I love the most fun aunts. And then I saw one time the ad sent something back like they've lost patience. I was like, oh, there's a transition phase. People losing. So you have to pick your spot where you lose your patience. You can't do it to some random poor person. Not to not nice, but you can you're allowed to lose your patience, and just not tolerate things you don't want to


tolerate anymore. Period. Well, meanness I lose my patience. If someone's mean, right? Can't do mean, right. I lose. My patients have found someone's arrogant phony, right? That bothers me out. Right? It's like, whoa, we only have so many weekends left in our lives, right?


Let's not do that man.


It's great, man. I don't want to do the math. But it makes you realize what why am I getting aggravated over anything? I mean, weekend again. So let's presuppose we're going to live to be 90. That's kind of a nice number. Right? Yeah. Well, we can have still have fun. And then just one day, we don't wake up. That would be kind of cool. Right? So minus your age times 52. That's how many weekends we have left. So


that's one reason I should definitely shower before bad.


Right. So I mean, so there's no earning, there's really no reason to get aggravated over anything. I think, honestly,


no, he trying you got to cut the negativity very quickly, right? Just like,


Yeah, I know, I just had a thing with that. And I just was like, I'm done with this guy. So.


And also, I will tell you, there's so many people still vibrant in business in Life Dynamics, starting companies, joining new ventures, trying to figure out honestly, I see a very big theme here. What the hell is next, especially after all we've been through, like, what are we going to do? What would you do with the chance to do it all over? Right? Just been through what we've all been through? COVID It's just like and


do what you love. We're gonna do a whole episode on that. Right?


What You Love. Yeah. And we're gonna incorporate again, as much as you guys would like to participate. We're going to figure out how to incorporate it cuz, yes, we have fun. Yes, we love laughing We can only make fun of ourselves. We don't want to make fun of anybody else we had we had that rule of thumb. Right. And we also had another rule that we may have to break which is we said we weren't going to curse.


I know. But since Joe Biden swore on the air, he said son of a bitch. And then


anybody else in


Bouchy said, the guy's a moron. And both these things are true, right? So there you go. That's our first curse word of the of our season, fuck. You never ever sworn on the air?


years. Live every day. Yeah.:


like, Oh, you just like felt like a little girl. Right? But I have


to tell you in my real life. That's a nice little word to use. It is I use it in descriptively. Right, but not never offensively. No. Like,


no, no, no, no Can I just you know,


but we're talking about shoes before? Yeah, it'd be like, what those fucking shoes are unbelievable. And that's how I would use it. Never tell her no,


no. What about the word shit?


Holy shit. Yeah. See? Right. And that's another really weird thing. Like, what were his holy shit? Oh no, right? No, I haven't but they had Holy shit. It would be in a place you could visit it and you can reflect and you can


say right so I mean, do you would you get the I'm not religious, but I guess that water thing you would put?


Yeah, have a little damn, damn Holy shit. Holy


shit. Yeah, no cursing. So let's talk about season two for a second. We're still in it. Yeah. So this is the this is? This is episode one of season two.


I hope we we know what we're doing this time. Right? Well, we do. The thing is we


want to talk about season one, like what we did actually, for a quick second,


like want to talk about what we're trying to do. Okay, go ahead, Julie. I think what we're trying to do is connect with like minded life stage. People peeps on a sense of humor that is critical to living this life stage. Well,


a really happy life,


right? Yes,


I That's exactly right.


And we're trying to do our part to share what we you and I know innately right are some of the keys to making sure that happens.


Because we look at life with a sense of humor through the eyes of a sense of humor,


no matter how tragic or changing and we've had our share Yeah, we know from experience that humor is a huge coping mechanism, right? Humor is super powerful right? Humor increases and laughter your immune system and God knows it couldn't use a good immune system. And it's very therapeutic. So in our own way, we are doing our part for to lift


our fellow scene agers


that's kind of our point here right? And if it means making fun of ourselves great means telling stories great if means sharing information grief means meaning other people who are like minded and like spirited acts absolute for people reinvented themselves. We're gonna be the champions of you know, I I have my own thing, which is risky to regret it and I live by it risky to regret and I have to remind myself sometimes I go Oh, should I Shut up? Shut up.


Do it. Yeah. Alright, so we we were you can read our blogs, you can go to the our website, www dot this official screenagers.com Yep. And we've got a bunch of things there. We'd love for you to write your story, send it to us. You can find that on the website. You can actually even leave us a phone message which some people have done. How old school? Yeah, they can leave. They can call on their cell phone. Leave us a message and tell us a


story. Wow, they can be considered as a guest for our podcast.


Exactly. And you can be a guest for our podcast. You don't have to be famous. You just have to tell a great story and be fabulous. We want you to share your stories with us. You


want to hang out and talk to us and you know, be part of the the action. The teenagers club action. Yeah, get in touch and don't even double think it just do it.


Just do it for crying out


loud. You're gonna be dead. Let's do this.


Alright, Seenagers. See you later. Ciao.

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