Episode 16

Wild Things!

In this crazy and hilarious episode, Chickens, Donkeys & Snakes are all wild experiences. And wait till you hear what happened with the mouse!

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Chickens Donkeys & Snakes!


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Luz Michelle, Debbie Nigro, Charlie onger


Hey everyone, welcome to The Official Seenagers. I'm Charlie Ponger. And this is Oh, Hi,

Debbie Nigro:

I'm Debbie Nigro.

Luz Michelle:

and I'm Luz Michelle

Debbie Nigro:

You got new sound effects, buddy. Can you sound effect? Yeah. Oh, I like that one.

charlie ponger:

About this one

Luz Michelle:

it's fine.

Debbie Nigro:

That's me sneaking into the refrigerator.

Luz Michelle:

Now when we were standing outside

Debbie Nigro:

I'm gonna put that one on again. That's, that's me sneaking to the refrigerator at night. So Dave doesn't see what I'm eating.

Luz Michelle:

It's me hitting the bang one more time. What are you doing?

charlie ponger:

I live by myself. I don't have to do that.


You don't need a sound you need that sound effect. So you just have some company? Yeah.

Luz Michelle:

Well, what about when you stand by your kids?


Anyway, hi, guys. Hello, friends. Luz? Yeah, you got a story? I do. Tell us

Luz Michelle:

story loose. So over the weekend, I went to my one of my new mom friends. And she had given me a heads up that she has chickens. So right away, I was like, I gotta go to this house. Right. I got chicken.


I have. I've seen chickens in a house. But I haven't like been in it. I wanted to see the chicken. See the eggs. I want to know everything. Yeah, so I get the house. You know, walking around yada yada yada. We go outside and she has like five of them. And they're real cute and chummy and feathery. So she lets them out. They're walking around the eatin so she's like, Yeah, you know, it's crazy out here because there's hawks and there's coyotes and there's bobcats and you know, sometimes a hawk that come down and try to grab them and I was like, Oh my God. And she's a hockey hash. If you just got to keep an eye she's like, but she's so positive and like nature nature, that she's like, it's all good. And I'm like, I don't know. I'd be high anxiety cameras in there like I don't


I never let them out. While Kingdom trying to get an egg. Yeah,

Luz Michelle:

I want a metal fence. You know? Yeah, so literally, like two seconds later. She's like, Can Jimmy film it's gonna run in use the bathroom. Can you watch them? And I'm like, watch who the chicken. And she's like, Yeah, I'm like, what if something happens? She's like, you got it. You're an adult. I'm like, What does that even mean? These are chickens. So she's like, I'm going you got this. She goes in and there's like five of them. They're all girls. I'm like Jason them. I'm waving my arms around terrified somes gonna attack them. It's like meat. And we're in the middle of nowhere West bubble, you know where and it's like, Oh, my God. Very different.


So never I'd be more worried they were trying to eat me too. I'd be like, Oh, God,

Luz Michelle:

I got plenty of today's but you can chickens didn't.


There's a lot of wildlife around here.

Luz Michelle:

Last night, we heard coyotes ripping something apart.


Yeah. How about this story? Well, I texted you because Oh, yeah, I'm reading the story and it says let's see what the headline was because all donkeys found roaming on roadway in Westchester and I'm like, I'm read on it's gone and even found in Bedford during the early morning hours. It's

Luz Michelle:



I said, I know Charlie ponger had something to do this because there were donkeys that were like painted green for St. Patrick's Day terrible lost in Bedford roaming and like all trolleys is roaming animals here. So I text him I go, I know yes, I'm gonna do this. He tells me the picture. Yeah, here's the donkeys roaming around. There's two donkeys on the side of the road. There's pictures we're gonna see


where they were loose across the street from my driveway.

charlie ponger:

Can you imagine the cross eyed cat in the beautiful Asian woman that was a lot of weird things going on. I knew though donkeys are coming here like can you like I'm like I'm looking at the picture and I'm gone

Luz Michelle:

right across the street from my trap and did they stay there and you called someone when I was sound


asleep? It was red it was 12 o'clock at night right on a Saturday night and so when I'm looking at the picture and there were two cops there were smiling holding them with the you know they made rope leashes and donkeys next and then someone came to pick them up and took them somewhere and then they found the owner the next day


I found right on your road


right on my road right across the street I know wow. I know that studs all those stones are


crazy which painting Patrick's Day weekend and they were heading to was yeah okay never probably gonna


come right to the door.

Luz Michelle:

Probably they were escaping like during the night they're like this is the night


and they know that I don't have any kind of fencing up or anything like that. Oh man. Oh man. Oh,


well, you know why they came to you? Why and and drinking all night for St. Baldrick's and Charlie's


a bowl of spaghetti or something. One time when he Forgot that time at night. Um, all of a sudden I hear something on the roof. Oh God. And then I hear it jump onto the deck. And it was like bubble. And it had to have been a bobcat or something.

Luz Michelle:

Oh, shed snipping


you out. Yeah, me I have wild animals that move in with me on a regular basis. I know it's an ongoing problem. Yeah, I have the exterminating people on like speed dial. I know them all. By heart. Individual trappers. I have trappers and you know, the last problem I had was the skunk in the skunk babies that we did an episode on that right but now it's back to the groundhogs are very big. I'm moving in, right 100 Is my bedroom. Oh, no. Yes.


You gotta get out of there.


I gotta get out of there. What about crazy? There's just wild things that happen with animals because there's so many animals in the world. Right? You know, we live amongst them. Yeah, we don't think too much about them until they interfere with the everyday protocol. Right?


bit by a snake over here. Oh, yeah. Oh, I never Oh,

Luz Michelle:

I would have fainted loose. Who can handle that? There's snakes on the property. We had a snake in the basement. I'll get those little sliver ones to like, when the spring starts in the summer. We start moving like rocks or something like Anna. She'll slip around. I scream like I'm getting chased big


guys, snake on your property. Right on the on the walkway. I'm never coming. Thick. It was like, it was round up in a spiral. And they didn't see oh my god, and I'm walking by. And all of a sudden out of the corner. My son got shorts on. It came at me. Ah, right. And I did a Heisman move. I lifted my leg up. And that thing was right there. And I got so pissed off. And luckily, just by the steps, you know, down by the front thing over here. I had an app. I just happened to have an X. Oh, Shane happened to have an X Yeah, it's just evident. It just was there right? I'm like son of a bitch and the thing is there so I got the axe. You didn't I did gusting and I cut it and I was the Italian came right out.

Luz Michelle:

Oh my god.


thing in half and you shears the gross part. Come on, you

Luz Michelle:

know Phil was alive right? Parts of it


took off. Oh, yeah


Wait, so I waited a couple days and I knew that one part you know, I was like,


really gross story. Let


me go see if they can survive. Well, no, it didn't survive. I guess it's just the nerves. I don't know we would have

Luz Michelle:

to ask. Mark happens in humans now. Really?


Yeah. So I found a bunch of white eggs. I scooped him up and I threw them into the woods that's all I found I'm not sure now down

Luz Michelle:

a row they didn't tell us we were returning he found a eggs


yeah they're the the snake a


you're encouraging the rest of this conference here are

Luz Michelle:

you killed their mother? Oh my god. Oh,


here we go. Here we go with the problem with me I used


to watch my grandmother kill snakes with a shovel and her black you know the old Italian ladies after their husbands died they were the black thing the black uniform the whole time with the blacks and the thing over their head in the garden at my house because she lived in my house with the shovel up the ridge and I'd see bucket snakes not here so yeah, I swear to god it's true story.


Oh my grandmother's from back in the day. They were very very capable of handling things and she's right no yeah. I hate snake bites. I can't talk about snakes anymore about my show is this




I gotta tell you the mouse store now we're not here anymore sitting right there gonna be bad. Oh, right, right. And a mouse pops his head up over here right?


You keep talking about things that are right where we are.


And so I get off with a mouse takes off and then I and then all of a sudden it came out from under there. I don't have mice anymore by the way. And it came up under there and it popped his head around the corner staring at me. Oh my god. Big takes off. Now I go to bed. I'm in bed. Now lion now on this on my side now and all of a sudden I feel something coming up my


leg. I have to leave

Luz Michelle:

so I swatted away, Mike swatted away.


So I'm like going back to bed. The friggin thing came up again right up my alley. Oh my god. I ended up


chatting and I felt like he wanted I think he wanted to be my A friend

Luz Michelle:

something made me try to tell you something I could have put them in a pot and put them outside I killed them.


So far everybody listen somebody on announced gets killed Mike

Luz Michelle:

Mike driveby how


you come up with these things?


dry fire never fire.

Luz Michelle:

Okay fire


trust me Charlie cool stories yeah you gotta hatch it and act so good a knife we got the clicker the baby throwing the baby eggs in


that's the other side of me


to side that the women


Good thing I didn't grew up in the bad side of Brooklyn. Yeah,


good thing I would have been in jail been

Luz Michelle:

bad or slain snakes.


Hey, Luce. Yeah,


we're not doing the show here anymore.

Luz Michelle:

I'm hard five for the warm weather. The bees again.


I'm horrified. Oh, I got stung on the bees. I'm stuck on the bee in the middle of the show. Yeah. Giant bee the size of my head came in Charlie's did it need to be

Luz Michelle:

there he surely told us not to worry about physically attacked her


and then her arm got swollen wasn't in the hospital or something happened something overreact. We may not make the end of the show because God knows right.

Luz Michelle:

Well, the animals aren't. There's any animals in the room. Everybody


was fine. The worst podcast?

Luz Michelle:

I feel so bad for the eggs. It's like they had a chat series with the eggs. You could have dropped them off somewhere with the


snakes, they would have been snakes. I mean, the way you handle it, I mean, God bless


in favor of hacking a mother.

Luz Michelle:

But if I was in the moment when I would have been scared and then he did that. I'm like, oh, no, no, thank God. And it attacked you.


Yeah. It's legit. That's what this means. Self

Luz Michelle:

defense, but still, you know, maybe you couldn't


I got a hatchet. I'm gonna end this podcast. Quickly, you're gonna cut this


Alright, everybody, thank you so much for listening. We'll see you later. Can you hear me

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